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Long haircuts for women

From one year to the next long hair firmly takes the first place in the world’s hairdressing fashion. Every most complicated element of hairstyling’s top class is applied to on-trend haircuts and hairstyles for long hair. Obviously, fashionable hairstyles can be done on hair of any length, but it’s abundantly clear that the most complicated and masterly hairstyles can only be done with long curls. An experienced stylist can always select a hairstyle that perfectly matches your image, hair and face type.

It will make the most of your look, and proper hints and techniques will make you chic and eye-catching.

The service includes hairstylist’s advice, shampooing with L’Oréal products, haircut, styling and shaping without setting products.

RUB 3000

with Kerastase products    RUB 3150


Child’s haircut

When working  with children you should be extremely careful and attentive. Children's haircuts and hairstyles have to be easy-to-manage and fashionable at the same time. It is very important for  haircuts to suit children’s active lifestyle (games, sports, etc.)

Hair should not bother children or cover their eyes, and taking care of the hairstyle has to be easy.

The length of the child's hair is chosen depending on his/her age, face type and hair structure. Small children (2-3 years old) need the easiest hairstyles. The main purpose is to make the child’s hear neat.

The service includes hairstylist’s advice and a haircut.


 Children under 5      RUB 500 
 Children 5-10    RUB 600 
 Children 10-14       RUB 800 
 Fringe trim for children under 10 RUB 350 


Haircut, shampooing with L’Oreal products.


 Children under 5  RUB 800 
 Children 5-10   RUB 900 
 Children 10-14   RUB 1100 

Children over 14 are served as adults     


INOA L'Oreal One Shade Colouring

A long-lasting ammonia-free hair colouring. Natural and vibrant colour and   6 weeks of intense hydration and nutrition. Unsurpassed quality of hair. Lightening up to 6 levels.

Up to 100% coverage of grey hair.

The service includes hairstylist’s advice, colouring, shampooing with L’Oréal products, blow drying and shaping without setting products.


 Root Regrowth   up to RUB 2700 
 Short hair   up to RUB 3400 
 Mid-length hair  up to RUB 4550 
 Long hair  up to RUB 5400 


MAJIREL L'Oreal One Shade Colouring

A permanent hair colouring. Natural and vibrant colour and   6 weeks of intense hydration and nutrition. Unsurpassed quality of hair. Lightening up to 6 levels.

Up to 100% coverage of grey hair.

The service includes hairstylist’s advice, colouring, shampooing with L’Oréal products, blow drying and shaping without setting products.


 Root Regrowth  up to  RUB 2700 
 Short hair   up to RUB 3400 
 Mid-length hair  up to RUB 4550 
 Long hair  up to RUB 5400 


DIA L'Oreal Single Colouring Process

Vinyl shine, hair-repairing effect. Ideal for highlights or refreshing all over colour.

An acid-balanced tone-on-tone colour, ammonia-free formula.

The service includes hairstylist’s advice, colouring, shampooing with L’Oréal products, blow drying and shaping without setting products.


 Root Regrowth  up to RUB 2550 
 Short hair  up to RUB 3150 
 Mid-length hair  up to RUB 4380 
 Long hair  up to RUB 5810 


LUO COLOR L'Oreal One Shade Colouring

LUO Color gives your hair a dazzling shine thanks to photo-reflective colour molecules.

Photo-reflective colourants allow the hair to absorb and reflect light, at the same time creating natural and shimmering results.

The service includes hairstylist’s advice, colouring, shampooing with L’Oréal products, blow drying and shaping without setting products.


 Root Regrowth  up to RUB 3000 
 Short hair  up to RUB 3850 
 Mid-length hair  up to RUB 5350 
 Long hair  up to RUB 7300 


L'Oréal Multi-Tonal Colouration

The techniques of changing hair colour is also called complex  because several colours can be used simultaneously. Modern hairdressers create such hairstyles that combine up to 20 various shades. Thanks to this technology of colouring, it is possible to receive incredible result. Colouration suits each and every lady regardless of hair colour and length. It is easy to cover gray hair, to make an even shade of colour and make you unique. Thanks to such a little change in appearance, it is possible to hide  any weaknesses and to emphasize advantages of your image.

The service includes hairstylist’s advice, colouring, shampooing with L’Oréal products, blow вкнштп and shaping without setting products.


 Short hair  up to RUB 5250 
 Mid-length hair  up to RUB 6200 
 Long hair  up to RUB 7900 


What is SMARTBOND? Why do we use it?

As we know, no matter how modern and safe a hair dye or a hair lightener is, technical services  can weaken your hair.

Long time ago hair lost its shine and healthy look after colouring or lightening . It’s all in the past! Now we have SMARTBOND that strengthens keratin chains (disulphide, salt, hydrogen) inside every hair and prevent it from being destroyed during bleach and colour service. As a result, it will make your hair stronger, thicker and super shiny.

The higher the percentage of oxidant the more damage can a hair structure get. So too frequent hair colouring can lead to high porosity and it ends up with loss of hair pigment.

SMARTBOND is a new technology that works by strengthening your hair as you colour it.

No doubt, this is perfect for everybody. 

SMARTBOND can be used with any colour.

1 Smartbond Treatment – RUB 1100 


Everyday hairstyle

A real woman is a well-groomed woman. A hairstyle can always show it. A blow-wave is an opportunity to look good. A beautiful and natural hairstyle depends on the suitable hair styling products. Most hair dressings are universal, but they can make hair look perfectly  in any situation. Today blow-wave is the necessity caused by a quick life rhythm, and there is a set of methods to give smoothness, negligence or absolutely unusual shape to a hairstyle.

The service includes hairstylist’s advice, shampooing with L’Oréal products, styling with setting products.


 Short hair  RUB 1750 
 Mid-length hair   RUB 2000 
 Long hair   RUB 2450 
 Children under 14  RUB 1100 


The service includes hairstylist’s advice, shampooing with Kerastase products, blow waving with setting products. Duration: 1 hour


 Short hair       RUB 1900 
 Mid-length hair   RUB 2150 
 Long hair      RUB 2600 
 Children under 14   RUB 1250 


Evening Hairstyle

An evening hairstyle  always seems to be unusual and magic. You are going to be transformed and  change  your everyday image. The hairstyle, created for special occasions, makes every lady unique. Before going to the beauty salon, you may ask a very important question – What hairstyle to choose? What suits you best? It depends on a lot of things. To make the right decision you’d better get a good advice from your hairdresser who is experienced, professional  and creative.

First of all, your face, your skin colour and eyes affect your choice. Then your life style and character, and the length of your hair. Pay attention to your feelings and preferences before making up your mind so not to let it spoil a perfect evening.  A hair stylist, doing your hair, will definitely give emphasis to your appearance and beauty and hide your possible imperfections  or  even turn them into perfections.

Trust your stylist, and the result will exceed your expectations and make you pleased.

This service includes hairstylist’s advice, shampooing with L’Oréal products, blow-dry, styling with a straightening iron, curling iron or curlers, with styling products.

 Short hair  RUB 2300 
 Mid-length hair   RUB 2800 
 Long hair         RUB 3300 
 Children  under  14     RUB 1650 


This service includes hairstylist’s advice, shampooing with Kerastase products, blow drying, styling with a straightening iron, curling iron or curlers; with the use of styling products.

 Short hair   RUB 2450 
 Mid-length hair  RUB 2950 
 Long hair  RUB 3450 
 Children  under  14   RUB 1800 


“Dry” express hair styling

“Dry” express hair styling is for clean dry hair. A hair stylist can make splendid curls, fancy braids or make your hair ideally smooth with the help of a straightening iron. You can get it all in 30-40 minutes!

This service includes curling hair with a flat iron or curling iron, straightening hair, braiding.


 Complexity No. 1 (15-20 min)  RUB 1000 
 Complexity No. 2 (20-40 min)  RUB 1100 
 Complexity No. 3 (40-60 min)  RUB 1300 
 Basic braiding  RUB 600 


Dulcia Advanced L'oreal Professionel Hair Perming

Dreaming of magnificent curls? Want to keep volume at roots for long?

Classical perm is in the past now. It gave place to natural magnificent curls preferred by  stars and "haute couture" fashion trend-setters. Modern life almost doesn't leave time for daily hair styling.

L'oreal Professionnel represents 3 new  services to create a long-lasting form. Developed especially for hair of different length, with the usage of a new agent for giving a long-lasting form and texture to hair here is Dulcia Advanced Ionere G: volume at roots, perfect locks, natural locks.

The service includes hairstylist’s advice, perming, shampooing with L’Oréal products, blow drying and shaping without setting products.


 Short hair up to RUB 2500 
 Mid-length hair up to RUB 3500 
 Long hair  up to RUB 4650 


BOTOX for hair is a hair treatment 

Revival of damaged and weak hair. No fractured and split ends. Your hair looks strong and live.

It helps to get rid of static electricity, strands are easily styled and hold a volume. Botox is absolutely safe thanks to the absence of harmful chemicals in its structure and will perfectly suit those who have problems with scalp. The recommended course is 3-4 treatments every 3-4 weeks.

It is based on restoration of the blasted hair structure  by means of a vitamin concentrate, collagenic complex and various oils. During the procedure Botox is applied on strands.

Its molecules  have the ability to penetrate into hair and interacts with Keratin which is a basis of each hair structure. At the same time there is a "hitch" of  Botox molecules with a keratin; hair fibers change, become stronger. When water completely vaporizes, botox is condensed inside, forming a firm structure. Hair looks damp, brilliant and manageble.

Duration   45 min

Price      RUB 3780



A woman can charm and seduce with her unforgettable hands. Nothing can be compared to the tenderness of gentle and soft hands. How to keep them soft and smooth?

Firstly, ask for professional advice. A manicure technician can give you advice on products at a beauty salon and at home.

Secondly, it’s very important to use soft hand washing products and wear gloves while cleaning and washing.

Thirdly, use special professional products to make your hands nourished, moisturized, and protected. 

The service includes professional consultation, old polish removal, filing and shaping

the nails, softening and trimming cuticles, light massage with lotion, applying oil and buffing.

Duration: 1 hour


 Manicure for women (without nail polish) RUB 1400 
 Manicure for men  RUB 1500 

 ‘Off-site’ Manicure for women

 (in combination with other  service)

  RUB 1500 

 ‘Off-site’ Manicure for men 

 (in combination with other  service) 

 RUB 1600 
 Manicure for children and teenagers up to 12     RUB 700 



 SPA manicure CND  RUB 2500 
 Nail buffing and filing   RUB 300 
 Nail preparation for polish application  RUB 500 
 Paraffin bath   RUB 450 
 Hand massage for women (15 min)  RUB 300 
 Hand massage for men (15 min) RUB 400 



 Nail Treatment  RUB 250 
 Nail Lacquer  RUB 450 
 French    RUB 600 
 CND Vinylux Nail Polish   RUB 600 
 CND Shellac Nail Polish  RUB 1600 
 French Shellac Polish   RUB 1900 
 Gel Nail Lacquer Removal    RUB  330 


CND Shellac is the first cross between nail polish and gel. It combines the best qualities of nail polish (easily applied, bright shine, rich colours) and gel (fragrance free, high-performance wear, no nail damage) in one. I t is created according to the rule: easy application, ideal integrity, instant radiance!


Nail Design

 Nail Treatment  RUB 200 
 OPI Nail Lacquer RUB 420 
 Vinylux Nail Polish  RUB 650 
 Shellac Nail Polish RUB 1300 
 French Shellac Polish  RUB 1400 
 Luxio Gel  RUB 1300 
 Bio Sculpture Gel  RUB 1500 
 Nail Polish Removal   RUB 60 
 Gel Nail Lacquer Removal   RUB  380 



Foot and Toenails Care. Specific problem solving.


Ingrown toenail (prosthetic nail brace)   RUB 3700

Ingrown toenail (BS brace)     RUB  1350

Ingrown toenail  (PodoFix System)   RUB 2500


Thickened toenail treatment     RUB 120

Cracked skin treatment    RUB 600  


Hard corn removal    RUB 150 

Under-nail corn removal   RUB 150 

Solid root corn removal     RUB  300

Soft corn removal   RUB  100   


Hyperkeratosis removal   RUB 300

Treatment and product consultation  RUB 200


Foot Care

How to keep your  feet and nails beautiful and healthy without a surgery.

Most people don't think much about their feet until they hurt or give them trouble.

As soon as a problem arises, it’s not easy to solve it.

Nowadays a machine pedicure is the most delicate and safe. Make the first step and your space journey begins.

The service includes cuticle work, nails filed and shaped, foot exfoliation, 5 min foot massage with cream based on your skin type.

 Machine Pedicure for women  RUB 2100 
 Machine Pedicure for men   RUB 2200 
 Classic Pedicure   RUB 1050 


SPA Foot Care

SPA  treatment  for  feet not only cares of  the foot skin but relaxes you as well. It helps you get rid of calluses and dry skin. It relieves tension, pain and stress, cools down  your “burning” feet and even cheers you up.

Classical SPA treatment includes foot cleansing, active mask applying and  massage with nourishing cream.

 Footbath RUB 350 
 Peeling  RUB 650 
 Foot Mask  RUB 350 
 Self-heating Foot Mask RUB 1750 
 Foot Massage /15 min/    RUB 540 
 Foot Massage /30 min/ RUB 740 
 Thai Foot Massage    RUB 1600 


It is believed that foot massage was originated in Ancient China. It’s based on the principle that there are reflex points on the feet corresponding to the body different organs. It improves blood circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system. In other words, foot massage is extremely useful for your health and well-being. A regular massage stimulates your immune system and helps fight against negative impacts of the environment. Low light and nice music during the session will maximize its relaxing effect. 



Consultation with a Dermatocosmetologist 

Initial Consultation with a Dermatocosmetologist        RUB 350

(up to 15 minutes)

Consultation with a Dermatocosmetologist          RUB 650

(over 30 minutes)


Eyebrows and eyelashes

 Eyelash perming RUB 1550 
 Eyebrow shaping  RUB  750 
 Eyebrow shape correction    RUB  650 
 Eyebrow / Eyelash  tinting   (black, brown, blue)  RUB  650 


Ear piercing       

Ear piercing (stud earring included)     RUB 850 


Specific skin care

These care products are noticeable for their targeted treatment to renew the natural beauty of your face and to maintain it for a long time.


ACTIVE CONTOUR  (eye contour) 1850 rub

This is an eye contour treatment. It meets all the needs of a delicate skin around the eyes.

It de-puffs dark circles and the skin finds tonus and new vital forces.



This is a professional care for blemish-prone skin. Active ingredients overcome imperfections of oily skin in 4 steps and give it  pure and healthy look!



This care has a double effect: it evens skin tone and reduces pigment spots. As a result the skin gets an inner glow and a clear and light tone!


Intensive care

It's worth a try! The sophisticated rituals carried out by professional cosmetologists coupled with exclusive formulas of beauty products yield results that YOU will appreciate right after the first procedure.

The unique method of Digi-Esthetique massage combining acupressure methods, the modelling and lymphatic drainage massage, was developed to increase the effectiveness of the treatments in the Industry of Sothys beauty. Digi-Esthetique is a dream for body and mind! This massage improves assimilation of active ingredients by the skin cells, harmonizes a power system of an organism, fills vital forces and makes it possible to relax completely.

Collagene Hyaluronique   RUB 5950

This is  an all-new instantenous anti-aging programme, easily adapted to the individual requirements of a skin. It is based on a professional preliminary skin testing. The durable effect of this programme is confirmed!

Sothys discovers the world of shining beauty and refined feelings! This legendary brand representing luxury and prestige is long familiar worldwide thanks to the highly effective cosmetic products.


Cell Fusion lift-treatment (South Korea).

During the procedure cleansing peeling gel with pine extract and aloe, collagen serum and portulaca extract that help to solve the Rosacea problem together with giving the moisture effect, and melting warming mask with lifting effect are used.

 RUB  3650


Injection Technique

Biorevitalization is an intra-dermal injection method using preparations with non-modified big molecular hyaluronic acid. It provides long-lasting moisturizing and antioxidant effect, improves elasticity and tone due to collagen synthesis.

Treatment sessions: 3-6

Duration: 1 hour


 IAL System 0.6 ml               RUB 8520 
 IAL System 1 ml    RUB 17320 
 ACP 1.1 ml       RUB  17320 
 Hualyform 1% 1 ml           RUB 6720 
 Hualyform  1.8% 1.5 ml  RUB  6720 
 Restylane Vital     RUB 17720 
 Restylane Vital Injector 2 ml     RUB  23220 
 Hyalrepair (0.2;0.4;0.8 ) 1.5 ml  RUB 15870 



Skin-Tech Peel (Spain) “Easy Phytic Solution”

Superficial phytopilling

- Ingredients: Glycolic, Lactic, Mandelic and Phytic Acids.

- Indication: Early photo aging, dry skin, superficial melasma, pitted acne scars.

A course of 6-10 treatments once in 7-10 days is recommended.

RUB 3500


“C-peel” Peeling is a Peeling Serum with skin radiance effect.

- Ingredients: Ascorbic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol, Mulberry extract, Vitamin E

A course of 5-10 treatments once a week is recommended.

RUB 4020


Anti-stress sensorineural stone massage is a programme of integrated effect on a body combining different Spanish techniques aiming at a renewal of the biotic balance. Hot stone massage helps relieve muscle tension, improve blood and lymph circulation, provide body with oxygen. It also makes better regenerative process in the skin and has de-puff and detox effect.

Jade gemstone is ideal for a stone massage.

2 hours  -    RUB 3000


10% - в день Вашего рождения

10% - если Вы обслуживаетесь у трех мастеров за один день

Накопительные скидки:

От 190 000 рублей в год – 10%

От 150 000 рублей в год – 8%

От 100 000 рублей в год – 5%

От 80 000 рублей в год – 3%



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