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Foot Care Service

Foot and Toenails Care. Specific problem solving.


Ingrown toenail (prosthetic nail brace)   RUB 3700

Ingrown toenail (BS brace)     RUB  1350

Ingrown toenail  (PodoFix System)   RUB 2500


Thickened toenail treatment     RUB 120

Cracked skin treatment    RUB 600  


Hard corn removal    RUB 150 

Under-nail corn removal   RUB 150 

Solid root corn removal     RUB  300

Soft corn removal   RUB  100   


Hyperkeratosis removal   RUB 300

Treatment and product consultation  RUB 200


Foot Care

How to keep your  feet and nails beautiful and healthy without a surgery.

Most people don't think much about their feet until they hurt or give them trouble.

As soon as a problem arises, it’s not easy to solve it.

Nowadays a machine pedicure is the most delicate and safe. Make the first step and your space journey begins.

The service includes cuticle work, nails filed and shaped, foot exfoliation, 5 min foot massage with cream based on your skin type.

 Machine Pedicure for women  RUB 2100 
 Machine Pedicure for men   RUB 2200 
 Classic Pedicure   RUB 1050 


SPA Foot Care

SPA  treatment  for  feet not only cares of  the foot skin but relaxes you as well. It helps you get rid of calluses and dry skin. It relieves tension, pain and stress, cools down  your “burning” feet and even cheers you up.

Classical SPA treatment includes foot cleansing, active mask applying and  massage with nourishing cream.

 Footbath RUB 350 
 Peeling  RUB 650 
 Foot Mask  RUB 350 
 Self-heating Foot Mask RUB 1750 
 Foot Massage /15 min/    RUB 540 
 Foot Massage /30 min/ RUB 740 
 Thai Foot Massage    RUB 1600 


It is believed that foot massage was originated in Ancient China. It’s based on the principle that there are reflex points on the feet corresponding to the body different organs. It improves blood circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system. In other words, foot massage is extremely useful for your health and well-being. A regular massage stimulates your immune system and helps fight against negative impacts of the environment. Low light and nice music during the session will maximize its relaxing effect. 


10% - в день Вашего рождения

5% - если Вы обслуживаетесь у трех мастеров за один день



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Карла Маркса, 25


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