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Manicure Service


A woman can charm and seduce with her unforgettable hands. Nothing can be compared to the tenderness of gentle and soft hands. How to keep them soft and smooth?

Firstly, ask for professional advice. A manicure technician can give you advice on products at a beauty salon and at home.

Secondly, it’s very important to use soft hand washing products and wear gloves while cleaning and washing.

Thirdly, use special professional products to make your hands nourished, moisturized, and protected. 

The service includes professional consultation, old polish removal, filing and shaping

the nails, softening and trimming cuticles, light massage with lotion, applying oil and buffing.

Duration: 1 hour


 Manicure for women (without nail polish) RUB 1400 
 Manicure for men  RUB 1500 

 ‘Off-site’ Manicure for women

 (in combination with other  service)

  RUB 1500 

 ‘Off-site’ Manicure for men 

 (in combination with other  service) 

 RUB 1600 
 Manicure for children and teenagers up to 12     RUB 700 



 SPA manicure CND  RUB 2500 
 Nail buffing and filing   RUB 300 
 Nail preparation for polish application  RUB 500 
 Paraffin bath   RUB 450 
 Hand massage for women (15 min)  RUB 300 
 Hand massage for men (15 min) RUB 400 



 Nail Treatment  RUB 250 
 Nail Lacquer  RUB 450 
 French    RUB 600 
 CND Vinylux Nail Polish   RUB 600 
 CND Shellac Nail Polish  RUB 1600 
 French Shellac Polish   RUB 1900 
 Gel Nail Lacquer Removal    RUB  330 


CND Shellac is the first cross between nail polish and gel. It combines the best qualities of nail polish (easily applied, bright shine, rich colours) and gel (fragrance free, high-performance wear, no nail damage) in one. I t is created according to the rule: easy application, ideal integrity, instant radiance!


Nail Design

 Nail Treatment  RUB 200 
 OPI Nail Lacquer RUB 420 
 Vinylux Nail Polish  RUB 650 
 Shellac Nail Polish RUB 1300 
 French Shellac Polish  RUB 1400 
 Luxio Gel  RUB 1300 
 Bio Sculpture Gel  RUB 1500 
 Nail Polish Removal   RUB 60 
 Gel Nail Lacquer Removal   RUB  380 


10% - в день Вашего рождения

5% - если Вы обслуживаетесь у трех мастеров за один день



г. Екатеринбург
Карла Маркса, 25


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